What is a survey inspection ?

On July 17, 2013 by Martin RUSHTON

Survey inspections are described in different ways by different people. Some refer to them as a ‘full structural survey’, a ‘full building survey’, ‘structural survey’ or ‘building survey’.

An inspection by surveyorsinfrance.com is thorough, with the surveyor looking for at least 1236 defects with the focus being on identifying significant structural defects, maintenance and repair items and things which are, or may be, dangerous and which could affect health and safety of those in or around he buildings.

The main ‘subject areas’ which the inspection covers are listed on the opposite page and these form the subject headings for the Full Report. . .

UK banks and mortgage companies often insist on a ‘valuation survey’ which is basically for the bank/mortgage company to check that the property exists and appears to be in a good enough condition for them to repossess it if needs be.

They are frequently not done by those who qualified as a Chartered Building Surveyor.

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