Why do you only allocate surveys to Chartered Building Surveyors?

On July 17, 2013 by Martin RUSHTON

Chartered Building Surveyors are schooled in building pathology, building defect analysis and the mechanisms of structural failure.

They have also studied, in depth, different eras of buildings as well as contemporary design regulations and modern construction techniques.

It is this specialist knowledge which sets them apart from Chartered Surveyors and other building professionals and is why they are the ideal professionals to survey buildings.

Furthermore before permitting a surveyor to use the designation of ‘Chartered Building Surveyor’ The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) insists that certain stringent criteria must be met.

A surveyor must…

. . . have an appropriate RICS accredited university degree or diploma and. . .

. . . have satisfied the RICS Building Surveying Group Board that she/he has appropriate experience and has practiced its core building surveying competencies under professional supervision over a period of at least two years and. . .

. . . have passed the RICS Building Surveying Faculty Group’s exacting examination known as The Assessment of Professional Competence.

Only when these exactling criteria have been met will a surveyor then be permitted to use the specialist designation ‘Chartered Building Surveyor’.

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