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Regardless of where in France you are buying your property, when you engage the services of surveyorsinfrance to undertake a thorough pre-purchase survey, it means you can be absolutely certain the property is inspected by an experienced, bi-lingual, French resident, specialist building surveyor and engineer from the leading practice of residential building surveyors in France.

The Principal specialist building surveyor and engineer and Managing Director of surveyorsinfrance, Martin RUSHTON, practiced as a Chartered Building Surveyor in the UK, prior to moving permanently to France. The RICS lacks any statutory recognition and has no accreditaing authority whatsoever in France, and the profession of building surveying is unregulated. However, Martin has been working in France for over twenty years and, as a consequence of his specialist diploma in Building Surveying from Reading University, ENgland and unrivaled experience, surveyorsinfrance has full Professional Indemnity Insurance (Responsabilité Civile Professionnelle) which is held with a French registered insurance company and complies in all respects with French Insurance Regulations (le Code des Assurances).

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The business of  surveyorsinfrance was originally formed in 2005 by Martin RUSHTON a bi-lingual specialist building surveyor and engineer who had been surveying property in France since 1992. Subsequently Interior Designer and renowned French blogger Doriane DROMAS joined bringing the complimentary Zalinka.com to the business.  In 2011 the businesses were  ‘incorporated’ under the umbrella of the In France Group SARL.

Clients of surveyorsinfrance have ranged from individuals purchasing a small quaint town house through to the pension funds of internationally known celebrities acquiring chateaux and country estates. Like these people, surveyorsinfrance can help you too.

At surveyorsinfrance we appreciate that for many of our clients the buying a French property is the fulfillment of a dream; and the aim of surveyorsinfrance is to help our clients to make their dreams come true, but with their eyes completely open.

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All administration and the co-ordination of  requests for Personal Fee Proposals, surveyors diaries etc is undertaken via a centralised department based at the In France Group SARL’s registered office in Limoux.

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OUR REGISTERED TRADE NAME – surveyorsinfrance™®

We understand there are various so called professionals operating, from the UK or actually in some form in France, who try to emulate the quality of service and degree of expertise provided by surveyorsinfrance.  

However we think their using of our French Registered Trade Name ‘surveyorsinfrance’, or very close variations of it, is hardly the appropriate way to go about it. This is generally known as ‘Cybersquatting‘, or ‘Typosquatting‘.

The following are domain names and websites which are completely unconnected with surveyorsinfrance are:

  • surveyorsinfrance.co.uk (redirection to surveyors-in-france.co.uk – see below).
  • surveyorsinfrance.net (a site with an interesting SIRET number (310461488) quoted).
  • surveyors-in-france.co.uk (at which a website titled ‘surveyorsenfrance’ can be found).
  • surveyors-in-france.com (at which a website titled ‘surveyorsenfrance’ can be found).
  • surveyors-in-france.net (at which a website titled ‘surveyorsenfrance’ can be found).
  • surveyors-en-france.com (at which a different version of a website titled ‘surveyorsenfrance’ can be found). 


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