Snagging’ Inspection by a Specialist Building Surveyor

On May 17, 2013 by Martin RUSHTON

Often we are asked to inspect newly completed buildings prior to the handover of the keys by the builder/developer.

Of course at we are happy to do this for clients but our advice is, if you are on a tight budget, spend the money on a lawyer instead and get them to check that all of the guarantees, insurances, compliance and completion certificates are in place before you hand over all of the dosh.

Even the best and most experienced Building Surveyors do not have x-ray eyes or a crystal ball.  Major problems (such as faulty foundations and failing drains) often take a while (or actual use of the building) to become apparent.

Paying for to do a snagging list is all well and good but if the insurances are not in place and there are inherent and/or concealed problems you have an expensive issue on your hands. If you find large cracks appearing after a couple of years and the drains are always blocking, a surveyor’s snagging list will be of little use to you as the property slides down the hillside and you mop up effluent in the kitchen.

Of course, having a Specialist Building Surveyor oversee a project from start to finish, when they could view each major stage of the build, would be a rather different proposition.

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